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The whisperx-spanish model is a Spanish-language speech recognition model developed by the Replicate AI creator mercurio005. It is based on the popular Whisper model, which has shown impressive performance in transcribing speech across a variety of languages. The whisperx-spanish model aims to provide accurate transcription specifically for Spanish audio. Similar models include whisperspeech-small, which is an open-source text-to-speech system built by inverting Whisper, as well as other Whisper-based models like whisperx-video-transcribe, whisperx, whisper-diarization, and whisperx-a40-large. Model inputs and outputs The whisperx-spanish model takes a single input: an audio file. Users can also provide optional parameters like debug, token, just_text, batch_size, diarization, max_speakers, and min_speakers to customize the model's behavior. Inputs audio**: Audio file to be transcribed debug**: Print out memory usage information (default: false) token**: HuggingFace token for diarization just_text**: Use if you only need output text without timestamps (when diarization is true) batch_size**: Parallelization of input audio transcription (default: 32) diarization**: Separate speakers from transcription (default: false) max_speakers**: Maximum number of speakers min_speakers**: Minimum number of speakers Outputs Output**: The transcribed text from the input audio Capabilities The whisperx-spanish model is capable of accurately transcribing Spanish-language audio. It leverages the powerful Whisper model as its foundation, which has shown strong performance across a wide range of languages. The addition of the "x" in the model name indicates that it also provides features like accelerated transcription, word-level timestamps, and speaker diarization. What can I use it for? The whisperx-spanish model can be useful for a variety of applications that require accurate Spanish speech transcription, such as: Automated captioning and subtitling of Spanish-language videos Transcription of Spanish-language audio recordings for content creation or research purposes Integration into conversational AI systems that need to understand and respond to Spanish-language input By leveraging the capabilities of the Whisper model and adding Spanish-specific optimizations, the whisperx-spanish model can be a valuable tool for developers and researchers working with Spanish-language audio data. Things to try One interesting aspect of the whisperx-spanish model is its ability to perform speaker diarization, which allows it to separate the transcription into individual speaker segments. This can be particularly useful in scenarios where multiple speakers are present, such as interviews, meetings, or panel discussions. By leveraging the diarization features, users can gain deeper insights into the conversational dynamics and attribution of specific statements to individual speakers.

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Updated 6/21/2024