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The ultimate-sd-upscale model is a Stable Diffusion-based AI model developed by fewjative that can upscale images while incorporating ControlNet techniques for improved results. It is part of a family of similar models like ultimate-portrait-upscale, high-resolution-controlnet-tile, and controlnet-x-ip-adapter-realistic-vision-v5 that leverage ControlNet to enhance image generation and upscaling capabilities. Model inputs and outputs The ultimate-sd-upscale model accepts an input image and various parameters to control the upscaling process, such as the upscale factor, the type of upscaler to use, and settings for the ControlNet tile. The output is an upscaled version of the input image, which can be significantly larger in resolution while maintaining high quality and preserving important details. Inputs Image**: The input image to be upscaled Upscale By**: The factor by which the image should be upscaled (e.g., 2x, 4x) Upscaler**: The specific upscaler model to use for the upscaling process Use ControlNet Tile**: Whether to use ControlNet techniques for the upscaling ControlNet Strength**: The strength of the ControlNet influence on the upscaling process Positive Prompt**: The textual prompt to guide the upscaling process Negative Prompt**: The textual prompt to exclude certain elements from the upscaling process Steps**: The number of steps to run the upscaling process Sampler**: The specific sampling algorithm to use for the upscaling Scheduler**: The specific scheduler to use for the upscaling Denoise**: The amount of denoising to apply to the upscaled image Tile Width/Height**: The size of the tiles used in the ControlNet-based upscaling Seam Fix Mode/Width/Denoise/Padding/Mask Blur**: Parameters to control the stitching of the tiled upscaling process Outputs Upscaled Image**: The final upscaled image, with improved resolution and quality compared to the input. Capabilities The ultimate-sd-upscale model can produce high-quality upscaled images by leveraging Stable Diffusion and ControlNet techniques. It can handle a variety of input images and provides a range of parameters to fine-tune the upscaling process, allowing users to achieve their desired results. What can I use it for? The ultimate-sd-upscale model can be useful for a variety of applications that require high-resolution images, such as digital art, photography, and content creation. By upscaling low-resolution images, users can create larger, more detailed versions that are suitable for printing, web display, or other purposes. The ControlNet integration also allows for more nuanced control over the upscaling process, enabling users to preserve important details and features in the output. Things to try One interesting aspect of the ultimate-sd-upscale model is the ability to use ControlNet techniques to influence the upscaling process. By adjusting the ControlNet strength and other related parameters, users can experiment with different levels of ControlNet integration and observe how it affects the final upscaled image. Additionally, exploring the various upscalers and sampling algorithms can lead to unique results, allowing users to find the optimal combination for their specific needs.

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Updated 6/20/2024