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The fantasy-card-diffusion model is a comprehensive fine-tuned Stable Diffusion model for generating fantasy trading card style art. It was trained on all currently available Magic: the Gathering card art (~35k unique pieces) to 140,000 steps, using Stable Diffusion v1.5 as the base model. The model has a strong understanding of MTG artists, planes, sets, colors, card types, creature types and more. This allows users to generate art that captures the style and elements of Magic: the Gathering. The model is similar to the Dungeons-and-Diffusion and PixArt-XL-2-1024-MS models, which are also focused on fantasy-style art generation. However, the fantasy-card-diffusion model is specifically tailored to the Magic: the Gathering aesthetic. Model inputs and outputs Inputs Prompt:** The model expects prompts that describe the desired fantasy card art, including details like the card type, creature, artist, plane, and other relevant information. Outputs Fantasy card art image:** The model generates a high-quality, fantasy trading card style image based on the provided prompt. Capabilities The fantasy-card-diffusion model can generate a wide variety of fantasy art in the style of Magic: the Gathering. This includes: Incorporating the styles of well-known MTG artists Producing art that evokes specific planes, sets or years in the Magic universe Creating fantastical creatures and characters that fit within the MTG aesthetic Drawing unique fantasy creature types like Eldrazi Depicting recognizable MTG characters like planeswalkers Rendering non-MTG characters and scenes in the style of MTG art What can I use it for? The fantasy-card-diffusion model can be useful for a variety of creative and artistic projects. Some ideas include: Generating custom card art for homebrew MTG cards or fan projects Creating promotional or concept art for MTG-inspired games, books, or other media Designing fantasy-themed illustrations, backgrounds, and other visual assets Experimenting with different artistic styles and interpretations of MTG lore and characters The maintainer, volrath50, has provided detailed guidance on using the model and its training process, which can be found on the model page. Things to try One interesting aspect of the fantasy-card-diffusion model is its ability to blend elements from Magic: the Gathering with other styles and genres. Try prompting the model with a mix of MTG-specific terms and more general fantasy or sci-fi descriptors to see what unique outputs it can generate. Additionally, experiment with adding details about specific artists, planes, or card types to see how the model interprets and combines these elements.

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Updated 5/17/2024