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The 3DKX_1.0b model is a highly versatile 3D rendering model created by the maintainer unvailai. This model has the unique capability of producing two distinct styles - a "cartoony" face by starting prompts with "3d cartoon of", or a classic 3D rendering style by using "a 3d render of". In contrast, similar models like DucHaitenAIart, Anything-Preservation, Baka-Diffusion, and loliDiffusion focus more on specific anime or illustration styles. Model inputs and outputs The 3DKX_1.0b model takes text prompts as input and generates high-quality, detailed 3D rendered images in response. It has an embedded VAE which should not be overridden. The model has been trained on a dataset of 140-180 3D render images of all kinds. Inputs Text prompts describing the desired 3D image, such as scene, subjects, styles, etc. Outputs High-resolution 3D rendered images matching the input prompt, with a choice of "cartoony" or "classic" 3D styles. Capabilities The 3DKX_1.0b model has a high success rate at producing SFW portraits, full body poses, and close-ups, with a high degree of versatility in terms of outputs. It can handle a wide range of styles and subjects, from landscapes and cyberpunk to natural and sci-fi scenes. The model also has some limited NSFW capabilities for generating suggestive content. What can I use it for? The 3DKX_1.0b model could be useful for a variety of 3D rendering and content creation projects, such as character design, world-building, and visual storytelling. Its versatility makes it a good choice for 3D artists and designers looking to quickly generate high-quality imagery. Additionally, the model's NSFW capabilities could potentially be leveraged for adult-oriented content, though users should be mindful of any legal or ethical concerns. Things to try Some interesting things to try with the 3DKX_1.0b model include experimenting with the different style options, generating images of specific characters or subjects (like the 2B character from Nier Automata), and exploring the model's capabilities for different body types and ethnicities. Users should also try using the provided prompt guide and cheat sheet to optimize their results.

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Updated 5/23/2024