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gazelle-v0.2 is a mid-March release from Tincans, a joint speech-language model. It is similar to other text-to-audio models like stable-diffusion, tango, and whisperspeech, which aim to generate high-quality speech from text inputs. Model inputs and outputs gazelle-v0.2 takes text as its input and generates an audio waveform as output. This allows users to convert written content into spoken audio, which can be useful for accessibility, podcast creation, and other applications. Inputs Text**: The model accepts text input, which it will then convert to speech. Outputs Audio waveform**: The model outputs an audio waveform that represents the spoken version of the input text. Capabilities gazelle-v0.2 is capable of generating high-quality, natural-sounding speech from text inputs. The model leverages advances in areas like text-to-speech and acoustic modeling to produce audio that closely resembles human speech. What can I use it for? You can use gazelle-v0.2 to generate spoken audio from text for a variety of applications. This could include creating podcasts or audiobooks, improving accessibility by converting written content to speech, or developing voice assistants or chatbots with human-like speech output. The model's capabilities make it a useful tool for content creators, businesses, and developers working on speech-based projects. Things to try One interesting thing to try with gazelle-v0.2 is to experiment with different types of text inputs, such as creative writing, technical documentation, or even foreign languages. The model's performance on these diverse inputs can give insight into its versatility and potential use cases. Additionally, you could explore ways to fine-tune or customize the model to better suit your specific needs or preferences.

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Updated 5/30/2024