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The Midnight-Miqu-70B-v1.5 model is a DARE Linear merge between the sophosympatheia/Midnight-Miqu-70B-v1.0 and migtissera/Tess-70B-v1.6 models. This version is close in feel and performance to Midnight Miqu v1.0 but the maintainer believes it picked up some improvements from Tess. The model is uncensored, and the maintainer warns that users are responsible for how they use it. Model Inputs and Outputs Inputs Free-form text prompts of any length Outputs Continuation of the input prompt, generating coherent and contextually relevant text Capabilities The Midnight-Miqu-70B-v1.5 model is designed for roleplaying and storytelling, and the maintainer believes it performs well in these areas. It may also be capable of other text generation tasks, but the maintainer has not extensively tested its performance outside of creative applications. What Can I Use It For? The Midnight-Miqu-70B-v1.5 model could be useful for a variety of creative writing and roleplaying projects, such as writing interactive fiction, generating narrative content for games, or developing unique characters and stories. Its ability to produce long-form, contextually relevant text makes it well-suited for these types of applications. Things to Try One key capability of the Midnight-Miqu-70B-v1.5 model is its ability to handle long context windows, up to 32K tokens. Experimenting with different sampling techniques, such as Quadratic Sampling and Min-P, can help optimize the model's performance for creative use cases. Additionally, adjusting the repetition penalty and other parameters can lead to more diverse and engaging output.

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Updated 5/30/2024