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The typhoon-7b is a 7 billion parameter pretrained Thai large language model developed by scb10x. It outperforms all open-source Thai language models at the time of writing on Thai examination benchmarks and its performance in Thai is on par with GPT-3.5. Compared to other models, typhoon-7b is 2.62 times more efficient in tokenizing Thai text. Model inputs and outputs Inputs Thai and English text**: The model is primarily designed for Thai language tasks, but can also handle English input. Outputs Generated Thai and English text**: The model can generate coherent and contextual text in Thai and English. Capabilities The typhoon-7b model demonstrates strong performance on various Thai language tasks, including question answering, text generation, and summarization. It outperforms other open-source Thai language models on benchmarks such as ONET, IC, TGAT, TPAT-1, and A-Level. What can I use it for? The typhoon-7b model can be used for a variety of Thai language applications, such as chatbots, content generation, language understanding, and translation. Its high performance makes it a valuable tool for businesses and developers working on Thai language projects. However, as a pretrained model, it may not be able to follow human instructions without using one/few-shot learning or instruction fine-tuning. The model also does not have any moderation mechanisms, so it may generate harmful or inappropriate responses. Things to try Developers and researchers can explore fine-tuning the typhoon-7b model on specific Thai language tasks to further improve its performance. Additionally, incorporating one/few-shot learning techniques or instruction fine-tuning may enable the model to better understand and follow human instructions.

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Updated 5/17/2024