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The piper-voices model is a collection of voice checkpoints for the Piper text-to-speech system, developed by the rhasspy team. These voices can be used to train your own custom text-to-speech models with the Piper system. The piper-voices model is similar to other text-to-audio models like hierspeechpp, incredibly-fast-whisper, whisperspeech-small, whisper, and whisperspeech, which focus on converting text to high-quality speech output. Model inputs and outputs Inputs Text to be converted to speech Outputs Audio waveform representing the spoken text Capabilities The piper-voices model provides a set of pre-trained voice checkpoints that can be used to synthesize high-quality speech from text. These voices can be further fine-tuned or customized for specific use cases. What can I use it for? The piper-voices model can be used to build text-to-speech applications, such as virtual assistants, audiobook narrators, or language learning tools. By leveraging the pre-trained voices, developers can quickly create custom speech synthesis models tailored to their project's needs. Things to try Experiment with the different voice checkpoints provided in the piper-voices dataset to see which one best fits your application's requirements. You can also try fine-tuning the models on your own speech data to create even more personalized voices.

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Updated 5/17/2024