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aguila-7B is a transformer-based causal language model that was developed by projecte-aina. It is based on the Falcon-7B model and has been trained on a 26B token trilingual corpus of Catalan, Spanish, and English. The model is ready-to-use for causal language modeling and text-generation tasks, though it is also intended to be fine-tuned for downstream applications. Model inputs and outputs Inputs Text prompt**: The model takes a text prompt as input and generates new text in response. Outputs Generated text**: The model outputs new text that continues and extends the input prompt. Capabilities The aguila-7B model demonstrates strong performance on causal language modeling and text generation tasks, especially for Catalan, Spanish, and English. It can be used to generate coherent and contextually relevant text based on an input prompt. What can I use it for? The aguila-7B model could be useful for a variety of natural language processing applications, such as: Content generation**: Generating relevant and engaging text for blog posts, articles, or creative writing. Dialogue systems**: Developing conversational chatbots or virtual assistants that can engage in natural-sounding dialogues. Language learning**: Providing language learners with practice and feedback on their writing in Catalan, Spanish, or English. Things to try One interesting aspect of the aguila-7B model is its capability to generate text in multiple languages. Experiment with providing prompts in different languages and observe how the model responds. You could also try fine-tuning the model on a specific domain or task to see how it performs compared to the base model.

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Updated 5/15/2024