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The OpenFlamingo-9B-deprecated model is an open-source implementation of DeepMind's Flamingo models, built on top of the CLIP ViT-L/14 vision encoder and LLaMA-7B language model. As an early checkpoint in the ongoing development of OpenFlamingo, this model has been trained on a mixture of the LAION 2B and Multimodal C4 datasets. While this model has since been deprecated in favor of newer checkpoints, it is still possible to use it within the OpenFlamingo codebase. Model inputs and outputs Inputs Images and text prompts Outputs Image-conditioned text generation Visual question answering Capabilities The OpenFlamingo-9B-deprecated model is capable of performing various vision-language tasks, such as image captioning and visual question answering. It has shown promising results on the COCO captioning and VQAv2 datasets, with performance improving as the number of few-shot examples increases. What can I use it for? The OpenFlamingo-9B-deprecated model is intended for academic research purposes only and its commercial use is prohibited, in line with the LLaMA non-commercial license. Potential use cases include exploring multimodal AI systems, testing new vision-language architectures, and developing novel applications that combine computer vision and language understanding. Things to try Researchers can experiment with fine-tuning the model on specialized datasets or tasks, or use it as a starting point for developing new vision-language models. The model's performance can also be further analyzed and compared to other state-of-the-art approaches in the field of multimodal AI.

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Updated 5/17/2024