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CodeBooga-34B-v0.1 is a merge of two existing AI models - Phind-CodeLlama-34B-v2 and WizardCoder-Python-34B-V1.0. It was created by the maintainer oobabooga using the BlockMerge Gradient script, the same one used to create MythoMax-L2-13b. Model inputs and outputs Inputs Text prompts in the Alpaca format, which consists of an instruction and a response. Outputs Generated text responses that appropriately complete the provided instruction. Capabilities CodeBooga-34B-v0.1 is a capable text generation model that can handle a variety of programming-related tasks. It performs very well on a set of Python and JavaScript coding questions, outperforming both the original Phind-CodeLlama-34B-v2 and WizardCoder-Python-34B-V1.0 models. What can I use it for? CodeBooga-34B-v0.1 could be useful for projects that require generating or completing code snippets, such as code assistants, automated programming tools, and chatbots. Its strong performance on coding-related tasks makes it a good fit for applications that need to interact with or generate code. Things to try One interesting aspect of CodeBooga-34B-v0.1 is that its reversed variant, CodeBooga-Reversed-34B-v0.1, performed poorly in the evaluation. This suggests that the specific way the two base models were merged plays an important role in the final model's capabilities. Experimenting with different merge strategies could lead to further performance improvements.

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Updated 5/17/2024