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The bad-artist model is a textual-inversion embedding created by the Hugging Face user nick-x-hacker. This embedding can be used in the negative prompt of a Stable Diffusion model to generate unique and unconventional-looking images. Similar models like Counterfeit-V3.0 and Replicant-V2.0 also utilize negative prompts and embeddings to create distinctive artwork, each with their own aesthetic. Model inputs and outputs The bad-artist model takes a standard image generation prompt, like "solo", and applies a negative embedding of "sketch by bad-artist" to produce images with a unique, hand-drawn style. The model was trained on an Anything-v3-based model for 15,000 steps using only 2 tokens per embedding. Inputs Standard image generation prompts, such as "solo" Negative prompt including "sketch by bad-artist" Outputs Images with a unique, unconventional hand-drawn style Capabilities The bad-artist model can generate images with a distinct sketch-like aesthetic, using only a 2-token negative embedding. This allows for concise prompts that produce visually interesting and unexpected results. The model's capabilities contrast with more generic or anime-style negative embeddings, offering a unique artistic perspective. What can I use it for? The bad-artist model could be used to create quirky, one-of-a-kind illustrations or concept art with an unconventional style. Pairing it with other prompts or models like Counterfeit-V3.0 and Replicant-V2.0 could lead to even more unique and unexpected artistic outputs. Things to try Experiment with using the bad-artist negative embedding in combination with different positive prompts to see the range of styles it can produce. Try adding modifiers like "by [artist name]" to the negative prompt to see how the model blends different artistic influences. The concise nature of the embedding also makes it well-suited for rapid iteration and exploration of different creative directions.

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Updated 5/17/2024