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lzlv_70b_fp16_hf is a multimodel merge of several LLaMA2 70B fine-tuned models, created by lizpreciatior to combine creativity with intelligence for an enhanced experience. It was inspired by the MLewd_13B and Mythomax models. The goal was to create a model that performs better than the individual source models. Similar models include miquliz-120b-v2.0, a 120B frankenmerge model, and Nous-Hermes-Llama2-70b, a 70B LLaMA2 model fine-tuned for roleplaying. Model inputs and outputs Inputs Prompts**: The model accepts text-based prompts as input, which can include instructions, queries, or open-ended text for the model to continue. Outputs Text Generation**: The primary output of the model is text, which it generates in response to the input prompts. This can include continuations of the prompt, answers to questions, or original creative writing. Capabilities The lzlv_70b_fp16_hf model is particularly well-suited for roleplaying and creative writing tasks. It has been described as retaining the instruction-following capabilities of the Xwin-LM model while adding more creativity and NSFW-oriented content from the Mythospice model. Users have reported the model performing better than the individual source models for their use cases. What can I use it for? This model could be useful for a variety of text-based applications, such as: Creative writing: Generating original stories, poems, or other creative content. Roleplaying: Engaging in interactive roleplaying scenarios and conversations. Chatbots: Building conversational AI assistants for various use cases. Things to try One interesting aspect of this model is the way it was created by merging several different fine-tuned models together. Users could experiment with prompting the model in different ways to see how it responds, or compare its outputs to the individual source models to better understand the effects of the merging process. Additionally, users may want to explore the model's capabilities in more detail, such as its ability to follow complex instructions, maintain coherent narratives, or generate NSFW content, depending on their specific use cases and needs.

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Updated 5/28/2024