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LINE DistilBERT Japanese This is a DistilBERT model pre-trained on 131 GB of Japanese web text. The teacher model is BERT-base that built in-house at LINE. The model was trained by LINE Corporation. For Japanese is written in Japanese. How to use Requirements Model architecture The model architecture is the DitilBERT base model; 6 layers, 768 dimensions of hidden states, 12 attention heads, 66M parameters. Evaluation The evaluation by JGLUE is as follows: Tokenization The texts are first tokenized by MeCab with the Unidic dictionary and then split into subwords by the SentencePiece algorithm. The vocabulary size is 32768. Licenses The pretrained models are distributed under the terms of the Apache License, Version 2.0. To cite this work We haven't published any paper on this work. Please cite this GitHub repository:

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