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The Meeting Summary model is a fine-tuned version of the 'facebook/bart-large-xsum' model that has been trained on multiple datasets, including the AMI Meeting Corpus, SAMSUM Dataset, DIALOGSUM Dataset, and XSUM Dataset. This model is designed to generate concise summaries of meeting conversations. EXAMPLE MEETINGS Example 1: Conversation: Speaker A: Good morning everyone, let's begin the meeting. Speaker B: I have some updates on the project. Speaker C: Go ahead, please. Speaker B: We have completed the research phase and are now moving into the development phase. Speaker D: That's great news. I will update the team with the progress. Summary: The team has completed the research phase and is now moving into the development phase. Example 2: Conversation: Speaker A: I want to discuss the budget for the upcoming quarter. Speaker B: We need to allocate more resources for marketing. Speaker C: I agree, our marketing efforts have been lacking. Speaker D: I will make the necessary adjustments to the budget. Summary: The team agrees that more resources should be allocated to marketing. Example 3: Conversation: Speaker A: We have received feedback from our customers. Speaker B: What are they saying? Speaker C: Most of the feedback is positive, but there are some areas for improvement. Speaker D: Let's discuss the feedback in detail and come up with an action plan. Summary: The team has received mostly positive feedback from customers, but there are areas for improvement. Example 4: Conversation: Speaker A: Our project deadline is approaching. Speaker B: We need to work faster to meet it. Speaker C: I think we should prioritize certain tasks to speed up the process. Speaker D: Let's create a schedule and assign tasks accordingly. Summary: The team needs to work faster and prioritize tasks to meet the project deadline.

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