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The lora-training model is a collection of various LoRA (Low-Rank Adaptation) models trained by maintainer khanon on characters from the mobile game Blue Archive. LoRA is a technique used to fine-tune large language models like Stable Diffusion in an efficient and effective way. This model library includes LoRAs for characters like Arona, Chise, Fubuki, and more. The preview images demonstrate the inherent style of each LoRA, generated using ControlNet with an OpenPose input. Model inputs and outputs Inputs Images of characters from the mobile game Blue Archive Outputs Stylized, high-quality images of the characters based on the specific LoRA model used Capabilities The lora-training model allows users to generate stylized, character-focused images based on the LoRA models provided. Each LoRA has its own unique artistic style, allowing for a range of outputs. The maintainer has provided sample images to showcase the capabilities of each model. What can I use it for? The lora-training model can be used to create custom, stylized images of Blue Archive characters for a variety of purposes, such as fan art, character illustrations, or even asset creation for games or other digital projects. The LoRA models can be easily integrated into tools like Stable Diffusion to generate new images or modify existing ones. Things to try Experiment with different LoRA models to see how they affect the output. Try combining multiple LoRAs or using them in conjunction with other image generation techniques like ControlNet. Explore how the prompts and settings affect the final image, and see if you can push the boundaries of what's possible with these character-focused LoRAs.

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Updated 5/21/2024