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The so-vits-genshin model is a text-to-audio AI model created by maintainer kaze-mio. Similar models include VoiceConversionWebUI, tortoise-tts-v2, chilloutmix-ni, gpt4-x-alpaca, and vicuna-13b-GPTQ-4bit-128g. Model inputs and outputs The so-vits-genshin model takes text as input and generates corresponding audio. The model can create natural-sounding speech in a variety of languages and voices. Inputs Text prompt Outputs Audio file in MP3 format Capabilities The so-vits-genshin model can generate high-quality, realistic-sounding speech from text input. It is capable of producing speech in multiple languages and with customizable voices. What can I use it for? The so-vits-genshin model can be used for a variety of text-to-speech applications, such as audiobook narration, voice-over for videos, and virtual assistant interfaces. It can also be used to create custom audio content for games, movies, or other multimedia projects. Things to try Experiment with different text inputs to see the range of voices and languages the so-vits-genshin model can produce. You can also try adjusting the model's parameters to create unique variations of the generated speech.

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Updated 5/21/2024