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The Llama-3-8b-Orthogonalized-exl2 is a text-to-text AI model developed by the maintainer hjhj3168. This model is part of the Llama family of large language models, which also includes similar models like Llama-2-7b-longlora-100k-ft, LLaMA-7B, medllama2_7b, Llama-2-13B-Chat-fp16, and Llama-2-7B-bf16-sharded. Model inputs and outputs The Llama-3-8b-Orthogonalized-exl2 model takes text as input and generates text as output. The model is designed to perform a variety of text-to-text tasks, such as language generation, translation, and question answering. Inputs Text prompts Outputs Generated text Capabilities The Llama-3-8b-Orthogonalized-exl2 model is capable of generating high-quality, coherent text on a wide range of topics. It can be used for tasks like content creation, summarization, and question answering. What can I use it for? The Llama-3-8b-Orthogonalized-exl2 model can be used for a variety of applications, such as: Generating written content for blogs, articles, or marketing materials Summarizing long-form text into concise summaries Answering questions or providing information on a wide range of topics Things to try With the Llama-3-8b-Orthogonalized-exl2 model, you can experiment with different input prompts to see how the model generates and responds to various types of text. Try providing the model with prompts on different topics and observe how it generates coherent and relevant responses.

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Updated 6/1/2024