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The FFXIV-Style model, created by maintainer herpritts, is a text-to-image AI model trained on Final Fantasy XIV trailer images. This model aims to replicate the distinct visual style of the acclaimed MMORPG. It can generate a variety of content in the "xivcine style", including portraits, armor designs, and landscapes. The model's capabilities are similar to other text-to-image diffusion models like epic-diffusion, GTA5_Artwork_Diffusion, and EimisAnimeDiffusion_1.0v, which can also produce high-quality, stylized images from textual descriptions. Model inputs and outputs Inputs Textual prompts describing the desired image in the "xivcine style", such as "portrait, xivcine style, action pose, [hyper realistic], colorful background, bokeh, detailed, cinematic, 3d octane render, 4k, concept art, trending on artstation" Optional parameters like steps, sampler, and CFG scale to control the image generation process Outputs High-quality, visually striking images in the distinct "xivcine style" inspired by the Final Fantasy XIV franchise The model can produce a variety of content, including portraits, armor designs, and landscapes, all with a consistent and recognizable aesthetic Capabilities The FFXIV-Style model excels at generating detailed, cinematic-quality images that capture the essence of the Final Fantasy XIV visual style. It can seamlessly blend various elements like characters, environments, and special effects to create cohesive, visually striking compositions. The model is particularly adept at rendering intricate armor designs, evocative facial features, and immersive landscape scenes. By incorporating the "xivcine style" into the prompts, users can reliably produce outputs that align with the game's distinctive aesthetic. What can I use it for? The FFXIV-Style model can be a valuable resource for various creative projects, such as: Generating concept art and illustrations for fantasy-themed games, books, or films Designing promotional materials and merchandise for the Final Fantasy XIV franchise Experimenting with different visual styles and compositions to inspire your own creative work Additionally, the model's ability to effectively merge with other checkpoints can lead to the creation of entirely unique styles while maintaining the core "xivcine" aesthetic. This versatility makes the FFXIV-Style model a powerful tool for artists and designers looking to explore and expand their creative horizons. Things to try One interesting aspect of the FFXIV-Style model is its ability to produce consistent and recognizable results even with non-specific prompts. As demonstrated in the maintainer's examples, prompts like "portrait, xivcine style" or "landscape, xivcine style" can reliably generate outputs that capture the essence of the Final Fantasy XIV visual style. Another intriguing avenue to explore is the merging of this model with other checkpoints. By combining the "xivcine style" with different visual elements, users can create entirely unique and captivating artworks that still retain the model's distinctive aesthetic. This can lead to the discovery of unexpected and innovative styles, further expanding the creative potential of the FFXIV-Style model.

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Updated 5/17/2024