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The firefunction-v1 model is a state-of-the-art function calling model developed by fireworks-ai. It is hosted on the Fireworks platform and offered for free during a limited beta period. The model is capable of near GPT-4 level quality for real-world use cases of structured information generation and routing decision-making, while providing blazing fast inference speeds - roughly 4x that of GPT-4 when using FireFunction hosted on the Fireworks platform. Key features of the firefunction-v1 model include support for "any" parameter in tool_choice, making it the only known model that supports an option for the model to always choose a function - particularly helpful for routing use cases. The model is also API compatible with OpenAI function calling. Model Inputs and Outputs Inputs Tool Choice**: The model accepts a list of tool specifications with a description of the function's purpose and its arguments. Outputs Function Call**: The model generates a structured JSON response with the name of the selected function and its arguments. Capabilities The firefunction-v1 model excels at single-turn request routing to a function picked from a pool of up to 20 function specs, as well as structured information extraction tasks. It was not optimized for general multi-turn chat or parallel and nested function calls in a single response. What Can I Use It For? The firefunction-v1 model can be used for a variety of real-world use cases that involve structured information generation and routing decision-making, such as: Building conversational AI assistants that can interpret user requests and route them to the appropriate function or API. Automating business processes by extracting key information from user inputs and executing the necessary actions. Enhancing search and recommendation systems by generating structured responses based on user queries. Things to Try One interesting aspect of the firefunction-v1 model is its support for the "any" parameter in tool_choice. This feature allows the model to always choose a function, which can be particularly useful for routing use cases where you want the model to reliably select an appropriate function to handle a user's request. Another thing to try is using the model's API compatibility with OpenAI function calling. This can allow you to seamlessly integrate the firefunction-v1 model into existing workflows and applications that already leverage OpenAI's function calling capabilities.

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Updated 5/28/2024