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baichuan-vicuna-chinese-7b is a chat model supervised fine-tuned on Vicuna and ShareGPT data in both English and Chinese. It is based on the baichuan-7B foundation model, a commercially available 7B parameter language model pre-trained on a 1.2 trillion token Chinese-English bilingual corpus. The model was further fine-tuned on datasets including ShareGPT-ZH, COT & COT-ZH, Leetcode, and dummy using the FastChat training framework. Model inputs and outputs Inputs Instruction**: A natural language prompt or instruction for the model to follow. Outputs Generated text**: The model's response to the given instruction or prompt, generated in an open-ended manner. Capabilities The baichuan-vicuna-chinese-7b model is capable of engaging in open-ended dialogue and completing a variety of language tasks, such as question answering, summarization, and creative writing. It has been trained to provide helpful, detailed, and polite responses to user queries. What can I use it for? The baichuan-vicuna-chinese-7b model could be used for building conversational AI assistants, language generation tools, and other applications that require natural language understanding and generation in both English and Chinese. Developers can leverage this model to create chatbots, content generation tools, and more, while adhering to the terms and conditions specified by the maintainer. Things to try Try prompting the model with open-ended questions or instructions that require reasoning and analysis. You can also experiment with providing the model with context or background information to see how it uses that to inform its responses. Additionally, you can explore the model's multilingual capabilities by testing it with both English and Chinese inputs.

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Updated 5/15/2024