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Higgs-Llama-3-70B is a post-trained version of Meta-Llama/Meta-Llama-3-70B, specially tuned for role-playing while remaining competitive in general-domain instruction-following and reasoning. The model was developed by bosonai. Through supervised fine-tuning with instruction-following and chat datasets, as well as preference pair optimization, the model is designed to follow assigned roles more closely than other instruct models. Model inputs and outputs Inputs The model takes in text input only. Outputs The model generates text and code outputs. Capabilities Higgs-Llama-3-70B excels at role-playing tasks while maintaining strong performance on general language understanding and reasoning benchmarks. The model was evaluated on the MMLU-Pro and Arena-Hard benchmarks, where it achieved competitive results compared to other leading LLMs. What can I use it for? Higgs-Llama-3-70B is well-suited for applications that require natural language interaction and task completion, such as conversational AI assistants, content generation, and creative writing. The model's strong performance on role-playing tasks makes it particularly useful for dialogue-driven applications that involve characters or personas. Things to try Try prompting the model with different role-playing scenarios or instructions to see how it adapts its language and behavior to match the specified context. Additionally, you can explore the model's capabilities on open-ended language tasks by providing it with a variety of prompts and observing the quality and coherence of the generated outputs.

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Updated 6/11/2024