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Devs release thousands of AI papers, models, and tools daily. Only a few will be revolutionary. We scan repos, journals, and social media to bring them to you in bite-sized recaps.


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"'s summaries are my cheat code. They've helped me rapidly parse my options based on new research and then implement them in my code."


Philip P.

AI Founder

"The most comprehensive and meaningful index of AI models that are both emerging and production-ready so I can focus on building without getting left behind."


Andy M.

Founder, Safemail AI

"It makes it easier for us that don't have the time or ideas to dig deep learn this amazingly fast paced field, and for that we thank you"


The AC guys


"So many A.I. Newsletters focus on the big-ticket industry news items (e.g. the latest model releases, or which company bought a different company, etc.) But as an actual practitioner and educator in A.I. and NLP, I need a way to keep up to date on the latest research.... you do just that!"

Christian Monson

Christian Monson

Tutor and mentor, A.I., Machine Learning, and NLP

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